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          WelcomeJiangsu Lianggong Formwork Co.,LtdOfficial website!


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          Jiangsu Liang Gong Formwork Co.,Ltd
          Address:Shanghai Yancheng City
                         Jianhu Road
                         Economic Development
                         Zone No. 8

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          Jiangsu  Liang Gong Formwork Co.,Ltd Telephone: 025-86697390

          Fax: 0515-80663528

          Mobile: 182-0105-1212

          Mailbox: sales01@lianggongform.com

          Headquarters address: Nanjing new town science and Technology Park,Nan Jing,China.

          Branch address: No.8,Shanghai Road,Jianhu Economic Development Zone,Yancheng,China.

          Jiangsu  Liang Gong Formwork Co.,Ltd is a civil engineering, Luqiao engineering and dam engineering, nuclear power plant construction formwork and scaffold design, development, processing, sales and leasing of specialized large-scale company.

          Good workmen, excllent services

          The company main business, management and technical personnel have many years of professional engaged in large bridges, tunnels, civil engineering construction background, first introduced the concept of integrated professional design, template system and the international standards of industrial manufacturing, template construction professional subcontracting in China, the European advanced technology and mature domestic formwork system manufacturing process the effective combination of the formation of a mature and standard template technology development, application and service system, greatly enhance the ability to integrate the domestic construction contracting enterprise in the template engineering technology, enhance the comprehensive strength and construction efficiency of domestic construction contracting enterprise.

          The company's main products include bench formwork and horizontal formwork system, vertical formwork system, adjustable arc formwork system, cantilever formwork system, unilateral formwork system and hydraulic self climbing formwork system, suitable for large bridges, hydropower, thermal power and other civil engineering projects in the field of concrete construction.

          Liang Gong Formwork, bearing strength and efficiency. We would like to have a pair of science and technology and services of the wings, shoulder you more and better dreams, to fly higher and farther goals.