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          WelcomeJiangsu Lianggong Formwork Co.,LtdOfficial website!


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          Jiangsu Liang Gong Formwork Co.,Ltd
          Address:Shanghai Yancheng City
                         Jianhu Road
                         Economic Development
                         Zone No. 8

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          Quality of sincere service

          Jiangsu Lianggong Formwork Co.,Ltd (under the jurisdiction of Yancheng Lianggong Formwork Co Ltd) the company headquarters is located in Jiangsu city science and Technology Park in Nanjing City, the registered capital of 12 million yuan, the main business engaged in R & D, formwork and scaffold production and sales, leasing, leasing of construction machinery, labor service, self and agent all kinds of goods and technology import business.

          The company mainly engaged in technical management personnel that has many years of professional engaged in large bridges, tunnels, civil engineering construction background, first introduced the concept of integrated professional design, template system and the international standards of industrial manufacturing, template construction professional subcontracting in China, Europe will be selected in the template system technology and domestic mature manufacturing process effectively with the formation of a mature and standard template technology development, application and service system, greatly enhance the ability to integrate the domestic construction contracting enterprise in the template engineering technology, enhance the comprehensive strength and construction efficiency of domestic construction contracting enterprise.

          The company's main products include horizontal formwork system, vertical formwork system, adjustable arc formwork system, cantilever formwork system, unilateral formwork system and hydraulic self climbing formwork system, concrete construction for large bridges, hydropower, thermal power and other areas of civil engineering project,

          The template, bearing strength and efficiency. We would like to have a pair of science and technology and services of the wings, to shoulder your dreams of a better dream, to fly higher and farther goals.

          Work idea

          Perfect construction scheme, first-class after-sales service

          Quality policy

          To provide customers with technical leadership, high quality and low price

          To create a famous brand, increase brand awareness and establish a corporate image, we have the spirit of "all the pursuit of high quality, customer satisfaction for the purpose of" the spirit of "the most preferential price, the most attentive service, the most reliable product quality" principle solemn promise to you:

          Product quality commitment:

          1, the manufacturing and testing of products have quality records and testing information.

          2, the performance of the product testing, we sincerely invite the user to visit the whole process of the product, the whole performance of the test, to be confirmed after the product is qualified and then shipped.

          Product price commitment:

          1, in order to ensure the product's high reliability and advanced nature, the selection of the system are the selection of domestic or international quality brand-name products.

          2, under the same competitive conditions, our company is not in order to reduce product technical performance, to change the product components for the cost of the foundation, in good faith to the most favorable price to you.

          Delivery time commitment:

          1, product delivery: as far as possible according to the user's requirements, if there are special requirements, the need to be completed in advance, my company can be specially organized production, installation, and strive to meet the needs of users.

          2, the product delivery, our company to provide users with the following documents;

          Technical maintenance manual

          The general installation drawing

          The purchased parts specifications and manufacturer

          To provide spare parts, spare parts list, and with a certain amount of spare parts


          After-sales service commitment:

          1, the purpose of service: fast, decisive, accurate, thoughtful, thorough

          2, the service goal: service quality to win customer satisfaction

          3, the efficiency of the service: warranty or warranty period if the equipment failure, the supplier after receiving the notice, maintenance personnel can reach the scene and began to repair within 36 hours.

          4, service principle: product warranty period of twelve months, during the warranty period, the supplier shall free repair and replacement of damaged parts quality causes, damage warranty parts, the parts costs only, by the factors causing the damage of equipment maintenance, supplier or provide accessories according to the cost price meter.

          In the warranty period, our company technical personnel not less than three times a year follow-up survey of users.