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          Present situation and Prospect of the development of mechanical industry standardization
          2016-10-8 17:48:52 Viewed:

          Development present situation

          1, the development of machinery industry to lay a solid foundation for the standardization work

          Machinery industry after 50 years of development, has formed a complete, with considerable size and a certain level of the industrial system, over the years for various sectors of the national economy provides a large amount of equipment, either economy or export and absorb the important index of employment ability, showed that the machinery industry has become a pillar industry in our country the economy, and indicates that China's machinery industry ranks among the world powers.

          2, standardized work to promote the development of the machinery industry

          Specification for machinery industry production activities;

          To build a bridge for the application of advanced manufacturing technology;

          To provide support for the adjustment of industrial structure of machinery industry;

          In order to promote trade and create conditions;

          It provides the means for international competition;

          For the resource conservation and comprehensive utilization of support;

          The standard 12603, of which 4307 national standards, industry standard 8296;

          The Standardization Technical Committee of the national total of 90, of which 76, branch of machinery industry 24;

          TC SC, the Secretariat to the international organization for Standardization: 3 the Secretariat of the TC (ISO/TC1/IEC/TC7, IEC/TC85), 1 SC (ISO/TC10/SC6) secretariat.

          3, the main problem

          The overall level is low, do not adapt to the needs of the revitalization of the machinery industry

          A, standard system structure is not reasonable;

          B, standard content is not reasonable;

          C, standard technical content is low;

          D, standard update is not timely.

          The internationalization degree is low, is not conducive to improving the international competitiveness

          A, adopt international standard and foreign advanced standard proportion is low;

          B, using international standards and foreign advanced standards of low quality;

          C, substantive participation in international standards is low.

          The service ability is low, and the efficiency of the standardization work is reduced.

          A, standardized service means backward, form a single, low degree of information, efficiency is not high;

          B, standardized service is still stuck in the standard text, information, literature service stage.

          Development environment

          1, the standardization of the work has been included in the revitalization of the machinery industry agenda

          "On a number of opinions" to accelerate the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, to give full play to the role of standardization in the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry. To improve the national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards level. To improve China's equipment manufacturing industry standard system, creating conditions for our products to participate in international competition.

          2 standards have become the technical basis for improving the ability of independent innovation

          3 optimizing the industrial structure of the machinery industry requires a high level of standards

          4 develop a resource-saving and environment-friendly machinery industry to make clear requirements for the standardization work

          5 economic globalization will be the forefront of standardization to the international competition

          6 strengthening the standardization of services is an urgent need to improve the effectiveness of standardization

          Development goal

          1, guiding ideology

          With Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents" as the guidance. Comprehensive implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, the spirit of "government guidance, market promotion, enterprises, service industry" approach, and strive to improve the level of standard. Speed up the standard update rate. Strengthen the standardization of services, give full play to the basic role of standardization in the revitalization of the machinery industry, and enhance the international competitiveness of the mechanical industry. To contribute to the revitalization of the machinery industry and to take the new road to industrialization.

          2, work target

          In 2010, the goal of mechanical industry standardization is to establish the standard system of mechanical industry with the international practice, the outstanding of the self and the reasonable structure.

          3, the main signs

          The digital and network machinery industry standard system and intelligent product standards, industrial equipment, energy efficiency standards, energy using product energy consumption limits, water resource saving standards, safety standards, standard material proportion increased significantly.

          The proportion of independent innovation technology and transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the machinery industry standard is obviously improved.

          The standard age of the main industry of machinery industry is controlled within 5 years.

          The establishment of machinery industry standardization service system, the effective implementation of the basic standards, meet the needs of the rapid development of machinery industry.

          The main industry in the international standard conversion rate of over 70%, making safety and environment as well as applied to international trade standard and international standard gradually realize synchronization.

          The fight to take TC or SC Secretariat 2 international standardization organization, put forward 15 international standards work projects, participate in 60 international standards, and gradually improve the leading position in international standard setting.

          The formation of market-oriented, business oriented, Standardization Technical Committee for the organization of standardization system, basically built on information technology, according to market mechanism standardization service network, standardized service ability is enhanced.

          Development focus

          1, key tasks

          To improve the market adaptability of mechanical industry standard

          A. focus on improving the ability of independent innovation of mechanical industry, to strengthen the development of independent innovation and the development of standards;

          B. focus on the optimization of machinery industrial products and industrial structure, increase high-tech and high value-added products urgently to develop key technology standards efforts;

          C. around the market demand changes, and timely update the standard

          D. focus on improving the quality, grade and added value of the export products of the machinery industry, raising the standards of technical integration and level;

          E. around the establishment of China's technical trade measures system, accelerate the speed of the technical regulations, conformity assessment matching standard system;

          F. around the development of resource-saving and environment-friendly machinery industry,