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          Safety protection - all closed
          2016-10-9 14:59:41 Viewed:

          Safety net is a kind of labor protective equipment which can prevent the injury, and it can be widely used in all kinds of high altitude operation. Falling from height

          Hidden, often occurs on the shelf, roof, window, suspension, pit, deep groove etc.. The degree of damage to the extent of the fall varies with the size of the fall

          , light is disabled, heavy then death. Security network is divided into flat network (P), vertical network (L), dense mesh safety net (ML).

          Safety net protection principle is: the role of the network is to block the fall of the people and objects, to avoid or reduce the fall and physical damage; net effect is to prevent people

          Or the fall of a thing. The strength of the net must withstand the weight of the body and the carrying tools and other items fall weight and the impact distance of the longitudinal tensile and impact strength.

          Degree. Physical and mechanical properties of safety net is the main index to judge the quality of safety net. The contents include: the rope, rope, rope net,

          Rope breaking strength.